The Strength In Letting Go – How My Experience With Loss has Transformed Into An Unparalleled Win

It’s been almost a decade. My son will be turning 9 in two weeks. My venture into motherhood started with a perfect uneventful pregnancy, and ended with a traumatic delivery that left physical and emotional scars. To say that I had been given sub par patient care is a gross understatement. Had I delivered in […]


I’ve been on my fitness journey for the better part of 8 years. That;s almost a decade of fad diets, scheduled supplements, meticulously planned meals containing perfectly calculated portions of carbs and proteins – all of which I swore by until I fell off the wagon. Some falls were harder than others. My gym attendance […]

Nuggets of Wisdom

  Recently I’ve received some messages from people saying what an inspiration I was dealing with all these medical issues while keeping a positive attitude. It made my feelers all feelie. I mainly post things because I think I’m hilarious, or so I can remember them for later since I can’t remember crap. Scientifically speaking […]

Still going with Plan A and Winter Still Sucks

Long time no rant. What have I been up to for the past almost two weeks? Not a whole lot aside from mentally torturing myself about the hysterectomy while at the same time growing ever more impatient and eying salad tongs to remove my own uterus in a fit of rage. This winter has sucked […]

Dear God, It’s me – Robin Margaret

Dear God, it’s me – Robin Margaret, I’d like an explanation and a refund for defective equipment. As I was huddled under my heated blanket for what feels like my encore presentation of ‘Groundhog Day’ with the debilitating exhaustion, abdominal pressure and pain, I wondered about why the perils of womanhood were not disclosed to […]