Treason – When The War Isn’t Over

My ovaries are being assholes. I bought into the whole “Hysterectomy will change your life for the better” sales pitch two years ago, and while the pathology report on my uterus confirmed it was medically necessary , and I had been in constant pain and misery since starting my period at 12 years old, what […]

What I’ve learned from loss and all the other unpleasantness in life

         It would be safe to say 2014 hasn’t been a banner year for me. Between the on going circus of my medical condition, the unexpected loss of my uncle, my grandfather’s passing just 6 weeks prior to my hysterectomy , to say 2014 hasn’t been stellar is an understatement. However, I’m […]

Life in my tornado

  Per usual, my life has taken strides with the same grace as the Tasmanian Devil. We have moved into our own place, albeit renting , it’s still our own. Finally freedom to rule my domain with all the color schemed, pattern specific tendencies my OCD requires. This has helped my depression tremendously. For the […]

No Explanation Needed

One of the frequent struggles with invisible illness is that often times you don’t ‘look’ sick, you don’t appear to fit with in the parameters of what is generally considered an ill person. You won’t get the common courtesy’s , the much needed referrals or even a sympathetic ear. Instead you get a judgmental look […]

Sweatpants and Flip Flops – Pulling Yourself Out Of Depression When Everyone Else is Busy Feeling Bad For You

    Over the past few weeks of life taking a giant deuce on me I’ve sat and pondered where exactly things went from inconvenient , possibly borderline annoying to ‘ are you f****ng kidding me all ready?!?!!!’. The amount of horseshit I’ve had to deal with over the most recent months has pushed be […]

On Why Labels are Self Limiting, For Lazy People and Generally Just Bullshit

    When you are going through cognitive behavioral therapy and you take an honest look back into the mitigating factors and influences that shaped your emotional character you start to question a lot of “standards”. I’ve always been told I was emotional or moody, I came off as disinterested or naive. I coasted though […]