What I’ve learned from loss and all the other unpleasantness in life

         It would be safe to say 2014 hasn’t been a banner year for me. Between the on going circus of my medical condition, the unexpected loss of my uncle, my grandfather’s passing just 6 weeks prior to my hysterectomy , to say 2014 hasn’t been stellar is an understatement. However, I’m […]

Sweatpants and Flip Flops – Pulling Yourself Out Of Depression When Everyone Else is Busy Feeling Bad For You

    Over the past few weeks of life taking a giant deuce on me I’ve sat and pondered where exactly things went from inconvenient , possibly borderline annoying to ‘ are you f****ng kidding me all ready?!?!!!’. The amount of horseshit I’ve had to deal with over the most recent months has pushed be […]

Pieces of Your Heart That You Don’t Get Back

  It’s a funny thing grief, not like funny haha, more like ‘do they make lifetime specials about me’ kind of funny. For me, experiencing the loss of a loved one, specifically my grammy when I was 11 to brain/lung cancer, was a very abstract and confusing thing. She had been sick for a long […]