Love Actually


As a whole I feel like we are sold a bucket of bull$h!t when it comes to love, what it looks like, what it should feel like , as if there were some tangible set of requirements you could collect and wave around “see!! I found love!! look here it is I told you!!!” . Our early relationships in high school or college are practice for awkward family etiquette , navigating through un necessary drama and getting all the cray cray out of our systems. I was a complete asshole until I figured out how to act right halfway through college, it happens. Sometimes people never figure that part out. You have to start fine tuning your ability to weigh the actually important vs petty bullshit. For example, if dude you started seeing says he “only does coke on the weekends” he’s F*&ng lying. GTFO. Immediately. If dude you just started seeing says he’d call or text you back and after three days doesn’t get back, give the man a break. He could be busy, forgot or maybe he’s not into you. Either way don’t go psychohosebeast mode and rapid fire text looking for hidden meanings. It’s more in what the other person actually physically does than says that can hold the most meaning.


Love doesn’t need all the answers, Love doesn’t need to be right,bigger,better or louder. Love will care for you even when you push away, not take it personally when you act like a miserable cow and act out because you are hurting and there are no words that adequately describe the brokenness you feel. Love will help you find those broken pieces and help put them back together. Even if you’re feeling alone and forgotten, you will never truly be because Love will inch its way next to you so you can place your head on its lap and sulk. Love will help take care of you when you can’t take care of your self, dress you and clean you up after surgery , doing so because it wants to not just because it has to.


Love will support you and not criticize , regardless of how impulsive or irrational you may be. Love gives you the respect that you don’t give your self sometimes. For me it’s best described as this internal drive, a biologically ingrained scientific fact. You don’t know why but you just do. Right wrong or indifferent – . If you let go of superficial prerequisites of what Love should be, sometimes if you’re lucky enough Love will show you what it actually is.














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