Scumbag Hormones


Captains Log : Day 8 Post Op

Today marks the 8th day post op . My mood has taken a nose dive right into the eye of Sauron . I’m pretty sure I have the ability to breath fire right now . I’m completely irrational , emotional and inconsolable. The poor bastards who talked to me today got snapped at and my husband got a purse chucked at him.

I spent the day , in bed , crying because I wanted to snuggle a newborn and smell all the newborn smells and listen to the newborn noises . I’m beyond frustrated with my body because I loathe loafing around . It makes me want to crawl out of my skin . My body hurts , and swells if I even think of moving out of bed . And while my belly button no longer looks like a butt crack , there’s something going on with one of the stitches which now resembles a blister / pimple .


I don’t have a fever, it’s not all red, hot, oozy or rashy and my doctors not concerned . Great. And by telling me ” it doesn’t look infected it’ll be fine” – yeah , not helping .

I can’t go the bathroom – no muscle cramping / feeling , nothing . Yep is just over shared sucks for you haha! Anyways it feels like someone is digging their fists into my back and the area if my ovaries and where my cork (see: cervix) use to be is all sharp and stabby .

This is a complete 180 from the super optimistic , super woman horn ball that was sexually harassing the husband starting the day back from the hospital . which by the way , is a complete scum bag move by hormones . Previously I would’ve rather enjoyed a nap instead of sexy time about 99% of the time . So now that fun time is shut down for 6 weeks at best , now of all times the libido decides to dust off Cobb webbs and torture me ?!?

Luckily that died down and was replaced with rage for the afternoon , with brief intermissions of openly sobbing .

– husband walks in to room
me ” stop mocking me !!!!! ”
– Husband : I didn’t say anything
me ” exactly!!!!!!”

There’s been a lot of death stares doled out today . *sighs*

Generally I try to be a positive person because I know someone else has it way worse than me . It’s just been rough for me and it can’t be all sunshine and lollipops . If it was this blog wouldn’t be genuine , this is real life folks , it’s ugly sometimes.




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