Nuggets of Wisdom

  Recently I’ve received some messages from people saying what an inspiration I was dealing with all these medical issues while keeping a positive attitude. It made my feelers all feelie. I mainly post things because I think I’m hilarious, or so I can remember them for later since I can’t remember crap. Scientifically speaking […]

Complex Medical Conditions Do Not Equate Psychological Illness or Negligence: A Personal Experience that Parallels the Justina Pelletier Case

For many people becoming a parent is an inherent and indescribable feeling that subconsciously transforms you into a fiercely protect caregiver. When your child becomes ill your natural inclination is to seek medical attention and abide by the doctor’s orders. However, if the illness is caused by a complex medical condition, sometimes the answers are […]

Return To Sender

Less than 48 hours until my uterus gets returned to sender for defective equipment . I’ve been rummaging through the inner sanctum of my feelers and dusted off these things called ” feelings” . spoiler they’re confusing , massively uncomfortable and exhausting . Kind of like what happens when I binge out of the vending […]