Welcome To The Jungle


Maybe the third time’s the charm , well as far as blogs go. This is my third blog , the first one was hosted on blogger and mainly consisted of my mindless drivel – which don’t fear – there will be plenty oh here but hopefully more focused (?) that’s a thing right ? then I got bored decided I was a grown up , thus created a new blog on wordpress featuring my adventures in Ehlers Danlos Syndrome , along with my other medical mishaps. After awhile I started getting frustrated with various aspects of my life , had a grown up tantrum, took my ball and went home . If I didn’t acknowledge it it didn’t exist , I was sick of being sick , and. I. Just. Don’t . Wanna.

Works well, scientific fact .

Not really.

If you’re able to tolerate high levels of ADHD , juvenile comedic genius and bring me Ferraro Rocher in mass quantities – I will at a minimum – waste 10 minutes of your life you can never get back -with blog postings galore.

It’ll be a blog sprinkled with multiple clichéd references you probably won’t get, won’t find the least bit amusing, and if you’re really lucky – be marginally offended by. What’s not to love ?

For serious though – I’ve had a complicated journey – I’ve been diagnosed with things people can’t even pronounce – one of which I can’t pronounce . I travel almost two hours to see genetic specialists who ask me *the patient* what they should do . I’ve helped some folks in the past learn about the connective tissue disorder Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (don’t worry there will be blogs about that in the future) , and now that I’m facing another health crisis I was struggling to process the emotions that accompanied it. I know I’m not alone . I like to help people and think I’m hilarious . So what can a freakshow with junior high level comedic skills , short attention span and poor interpersonal skills do to survive life’s emotional roller coaster whilst possibly helping others ?


You can thank me later




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